50 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

March 27, 2020

Alright so we have to stay at home now … but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a super fun and romantic date night! Check out these fun and creative ideas to try with your partner to make the most out of this crazy time! Pick one stay at home date idea to try this evening and let me know in the comments which one you tried!

1. Paint by Numbers! Something I’ve just started to do and LOVE!
2. Complete a puzzle (or 3) together!
3. Paint Portrait night- Grab some paint and paper and try to paint the other!
4. Build a fort and watch a movie together!

5. Re-decorate your home! Something I’m also currently doing!
6. You could even re-paint a room to liven things up!
7. Karaoke night!
8. Lego Architecture! AKA Legos but for adults!
9. Board games – some of my favorites include Sorry!, Monopoly, Jenga, Battleship, Clue, Life, and Kerplunk!
10. Grab your Cavs jersey and watch the AMAZING 2016 NBA Finals game! (Was anyone downtown that night? It was INSANE!)
11. Mario Kart Competition
12. Make a pizza from scratch! Lots of local pizza places are offering this option now!

13. Charades or Impersonation Night! Write down some name of celebrities and try to have your partner guess who you’re impersonating!
14. Cook off!
15. Food tasting tour – Next grocery trip, grab some different cultural foods and have each room in your home dedicated to a country! Then pretend you’re on an epic vacation tasting food from all over the world!
16. Wine tasting tour – same as above but alcohol 😉
17. Plant succulents!
18. Learn (or attempt to) waltz/salsa dance!

19. Have a couples workout together!
20. Create an ice cream bar!
21. Blindfold food/wine taste test! Something that’s on Nick and I’s list for this weekend!
22. Try a new recipe or create your own crazy new dish!
23. Have a spa night! Face masks, candles, and massages!
24. Play bartender and craft up a new cocktail recipe or one you’ve been wanting to try!
25. Nerf gun fight, sorry not sorry they’re fun lol 🤷🏽‍♀️
26. Relax and try yoga together

27. Scavenger hunt- You could even do this at your local park… staying 6 feet away from other people!
28. Create a photo book or gallery wall
29. Plan your dream vacation (or honeymoon!)
30. Take the enneagram test and learn more about your partner
31. Watch family home movies together

32. Card games night! Favorites include Poker, 21, Egyptian rat screw, Bullshit, Rummy, and Speed
33. Bob Ross paint night! I’m pretty sure netflix has some Bob Ross videos to follow along with or just Youtube some!
34. Chocolate tasting
35. Write each other some love notes (or your vows!) to remind each other why you chose them out of all people to be stuck in the house with lol
36. Fancy dinner night! Cook dinner together & get all dressed up!
37. Bake cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cake, any dessert!

38. Old school popcorn (Jiffy pop!!) & movie night
39. Cheese & wine night!
40. Have a themed dinner night! One night Italian, French, Spainish, etc
41. Throw on your old records and jam to some old classics!

42. Comedy specials on Netflix
43. Pancakes or waffles (from scratch is even better!) for dinner- my favorite!
44. Adult coloring book!
45. Pillow Fight!

46. Play the newlywed (or soon to be) game!
47. Create some abstract art together (watercolors, splatter paint) and hang it in your living room!
48. Skype your friends and have a double date night!
49. Play Sims, Animal Crossing or Little Big Planet together!
50. Try some tiktok dances!
51. Appreciate this extra time you have to spend together & try not to drive each other crazy ♥