Pkay + Vito | Alum Creek State Park Beach | Columbus, Ohio

August 13, 2019

“Did you just call me?”

“Oh sorry, it was a butt dial … but hey how have you been?”

Pkay and Vito first started chatting after Vito “accidentally” butt dialed Pkay one evening. I say “accidentally” because she later found out it was on purpose just to start a conversation with her hahahaha Very clever. These two cuties met in high school but didn’t start dating until a few years later when they rekindled at OSU. 7 years ago, they had their first date at Elevator restaurant in downtown Columbus, and met up with friends at the bars after dinner. Afterwards, they just kept wanting to hang out, so they walked TWO MILES back to their hotel, just enjoying each other’s company and all the beautiful views of downtown Columbus. Nowadays, these two are always either doing something active, or just relaxing + snuggling up watching Prison Break eating some Reese’s lol.

These two are so dedicated and passionate for each other- they made my job so easy capturing their love.

I absolutely loved shooting here at Alum Creek State Park Beach! Both the beach side, and the dam side (scroll down to the end to see that epic view!) were so beautiful and picturesque! Definitely will be coming back here for more photoshoots, and with my Daisy dog for a nice beach day!