Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

April 24, 2020

Searching for your wedding photographer but not sure what exactly to look for? It’s super important to find not just a photographer whose images + and style you LOVE, but also someone you vibe well with, can trust, and HAVE FUN with! Here’s some of my best tips for finding a wedding photographer that is perfect for your day along with a few questions you should always ask!

You just got engaged and are planning your absolute DREAM wedding day! You know you want your wedding day to be photographed beautifully, but also in a way that truly resonates with your personality + tells the story of your wedding day. So how do you find a photographer that is right for your wedding day? Here’s a few tips girl!

Determine your style. Do you want bright + full of light images? Bold +colorful? Natural + true to color? Dark, moody, + more muted? There’s a few different editing styles to look for and figure out which you love best. There is absolutely no right or wrong, just what you like best. Also look at the poses, the interactions and emotions in the photos. Do they look stiff and awkward or happy, natural, and relaxed? Imagine yourself in the image and that exact pose. If you love it, keep that photographer in mind + look into him/her more. Don’t worry about being awkward in front of the camera. The right photographer will keep you comfortable and guide you with poses and prompts throughout the whole photoshoot!

Determine your budget. Wedding photography is definitely something you should invest in to get beautiful images of your wedding day that last forever. But realistically, everyone has a max amount they can spend. Discuss this with your partner. Figure out what works for you. It’s important to have a set budget in mind, but it’s also good be flexible in case you find a photographer you absolutely adore and just need to have photograph your day!

Get to know their personality. I think this is the MOST IMPORTANT factor for hiring a wedding photographer and is often overlooked. You’re going to be with your photographer your entire wedding day, from getting ready to dancing the night away. Are you more calm and need someone who will keep you relaxed and pay attention to the little details? Or do you need a hype girl + someone else to party with on the dance floor? [OOO GIRL, you know that’s me!] Lol but really!! Figure out what kind of personality you vibe best with and need on your wedding day so that you get the absolute best experience out of your wedding day!

Research photographers in your area. Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. Family. Friends. You can find your perfect photographer through any of these ways and there’s a zillion more. Check out their website, look at reviews + full galleries, see if they’d be a good match! If you love their style and personality, fill out their contact form to get the conversation started!

So now you’ve found a photographer whose images you LOVE, editing is on point, and you can just tell you’re going to vibe well. You reached out to chat more and start the booking process but you know you should have a few questions to ask just … aren’t sure what exactly? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Some of these may already be answered on your photographer’s website/FAQ or instagram, so be sure to check around first. But without further ado …

Here are the 10 SUPER important questions to ask your wedding photographer before you officially book!

1. What is the estimated time of delivery for our full gallery & do we get sneak peek images (if so, also when)?
Industry standard is about 6-8 weeks for a full wedding gallery delivery and not everyone delivers sneak peeks! That’s why it’s super important to ask your potential wedding photographer if sneak peeks are something you can expect because girl, I know you wanna see those images ASAP 😉

2. How many images do you deliver?
Some photographers put a cap on the number of images delivered, and some give you all that turn out well! It’s important to know what you’re receiving from your photographer, if there will be a limit to the number you receive + what is the estimated number of images delivered to you.

3. Are there any restrictions on how I use my images?
THIS ONES IMPORTANT! Be sure that your photographer is clear on their restrictions (if any with your images) and how you can share your images on social media or if there is any printing restrictions.

4. What happens if you get sick and/or somehow can’t make my wedding day?
A contingency plan is always smart to have in place in case the unexpected happens. You want a photographer who has a plan in place ahead of time so your day still runs smoothly.

5. Do you have liability insurance & would you be able to provide it to my venue if needed?
Liability insurance protects not just the photographer, but also YOU as the couple in case an accident occurs at your wedding or the photographers gear malfunctions. Some venues require wedding photographers to have and provide proof of liability insurance so everyone is fully protected.

6. Can I see a full wedding gallery?
You should 1000% be able to see one (if not more) full wedding gallery that the photographer delivered to their client. This will give you a better feel of the style your photographer will have on your wedding day.

7. What happens if your camera malfunctions during my wedding day or my images are lost?
You want to make sure your photographer has backup gear in case it malfunctions or breaks. And be sure he/she takes all the precautions and backs up your images. Professional photographers have cameras that write to two memory cards at once, and back up their images multiple times to external hard drives.

8. How do you prepare for each wedding day?
Get a feel for how your photographer prepares in the days leading up to your wedding. Making sure all gear is performing correctly, all batteries are charged, making sure his/her attire matches your vibe, and having family formal list handy are the main points you’d want your photographer to touch base on!

9. What is the experience/process like if we book with you?
Know what to expect from the moment you book with your photographer until gallery and album delivery. Be sure there are times you both check in with each other to make sure things are going smoothly and everyone is on the same page.

10. Do you offer payment plans/how much is the retainer?
Found a photographer you love? HOORAY! Be sure to find out how much the initial retainer is and if he/she offers payment plans if you need. Many photographers can be flexible with payment plans so it’s important to chat about beforehand.

*BONUS QUESTION* Do you have a contract?
Oh my goodness, this is important. This may seem like a no brainer that they will be a contract between you and the photographer since your exchanging money for a service. However, many hobbyist photographers do not have this in place. Having a solid contract in place that protects BOTH you the couple & the photographer is VERY important and is one of the main differences between hobbyist & professional photographer.

Curious what my answers are to these questions? Head on over to my FAQ page to check it out! Any additional questions? Feel free to reach out or email me + I can help you out!

There ya go!! Hopefully this helps you out in choosing your PERFECT photographer for your wedding day! There’s so much planning that goes into your day, but choosing an awesome wedding photographer is one task that is super important so you have beautiful images that last a lifetime!
Happy wedding planning!